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1| Do I need to wash my car before I get it wrapped by Magnicolor?

-Yes, every surface needs to be cleared of dirt and debris before installation can begin. We recommend running your vehicle through a carwash before bringing it to us to avoid any extra cleaning and prep fees. For heavily soiled vehicles we charge $100 to wash passenger automobiles and $100 per hour for large recreational and commercial vehicles.

2| Will a wrap cover up damaged areas on my vehicle?

-While you certainly can wrap over dents and scratches on the body of your vehicle the wrap will not repair these areas. Depending on the color and finish the imperfection might be camouflaged by the vinyl, but it will not be repaired by the wrap. Uneven or damaged paint or clear coat can also be wrapped, but imperfections may also show through the wrap after installation.

If the vehicleʼs finish (body and paint) is not in good condition, all vinyl installed will not be warranted by the vinyl manufacture or by Magnicolor Vinyl Wraps.

3| Do you remove emblems or do you wrap over or around them?

-Yes, we do in fact remove all vehicle emblems and badging as well as other items like lights, mirrors, antennas, and bumpers. We do this in order to cleanly and properly wrap the surface of your vehicle with the least amount of overlap or seaming.

Additional add-ons to the vehicle including RV awnings, ladders, special lights, speakers, roof racks, etc. must be removed by the customer prior to install. If we are required to remove these items there will be a charge of $100 per hour to remove and reinstall these items. Magnicolor will not be held accountable for any damage to vehicle if client insists on us removing these add ons.

4| My wrap has bubbles in it, will they go away?

-It is extremely common for bubbles to appear once a wrap is first installed. Vinyl is very tempermental to temperature and temperature changes when it is first installed and until it fully cures to the contours of your vehicle it may "move" a little causing bubbling to form. These bubbles should work themselves out after a couple of days, but if not please bring the areas to our immediate attention for remedy.

Other common "installation marks" can sometimes be seen after install, but do not worry as these will also cure themselves over time. Vinyl is a UV current material and after 1-2 weeks in the sunlight these markings will disappear.

5| How long will it take to wrap my vehicle?

-Turnaround time varies from project to project especially when custom design and printing is involved, but 2-4 business days is typical once installation begins.

6| Can you put my company's logo onto the wrap?

-We can print anything onto your wrap, however if what you provide us is not the original art file or of poor quality the results may not be as good as you desire. Please consult with our Design and Production Manager what the best file types are for your specific job.  If you do not have the required files he can recreate your logo as closely as possible to the original file for out hourly design fee of $100 per hour.

7| How long will my wrapped vehicle last?

-Vinyl when properly cared for will last upwards of 3-7 years on your vehicle, sometimes even longer if garage kept. The wrap will also preserve the paint job of your car protecting it from sun damage and everyday wear prolonging the value and appearance of your vehicle.

8| How do I wash my wrapped car?

-Once the vehicle cures after a couple of days it can generally be washed just as you typically would a regular painted surface. You can hand wash, pressure wash and even drive your car through a touchless car wash without any issues. Vehicles with a Gloss or Satin finish can be washed and waxed as usual, but please refrain from using any gloss enhancers on Matte finishes. Just like a Matte paint job, gloss enhancers and waxes will ruin the flat finish.

Specifically made products are available to help care for your vinyl wrap, but these are not a necessity. Contact our Sales Manager for more information on these products.

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